Keep cool, Lukas

by Max Dedikov

Max Dedikov

Children's - English

144 Pages


Published: 02 December 2021

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Once you buy, you will be able to sell to all your friends through simple shares.
Make $1.20 for every friend you sell the work to.


When yet another Christmas does not bring the one gift he had been wishing for, a real Friend, Egon decides to make one on his own. And so he does. From ice. The Christmas days being all about magic; his ice creation comes to life. Lukas enters the story and changes the life of Egon forever. Lukas is a boy of an excellent sense of humour, a mind-reader and a capital practical joker. Creating being his favourite thing, he uses ice and magic to build automobiles, cranes, towers, catapults, canons, and even aircraft. He even has the courage to challenge Egon’s schoolmate, Gretchen, a pushy and arrogant girl who bossed everyone around. Friendship is also about the willingness to go to any length to help your friend. Even if that means you will have to say goodbye to him. A fiercely warm winter brings the children’s fun to an abrupt end when it becomes clear that Lukas will not survive unless they help him reach the mountains where it is always below zero, and leave him there.