They Kill Those Whom They Don't Like

par Mohini Hersom

Mohini Hersom

Biographie - English

510 Pages


Publié: 07 April 2022

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Real life stories that took place mainly in 2010-2020, and mainly in the UK, which are about immigration proceedings, police action, and (anti) psychiatry. These events written in flash card style, are those in the life of the author and in the life of a deceased friend. Most proper nouns in the book have been falsified to emphasize story-telling not pointing fingers at anyone. 79,000 words, 510 pages "I WISH I DID NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE ONLY WOMEN CAN SPEAK TO ME AND PEOPLE WON'T TELL ME THEY DON'T WANT MY BOOK ON THEIR SITE AND WHY SO I SPEND THE NEXT 50 YEARS UPLOADING TO WRONG WEBSITES AND NEVER REALIZE WHERE I NEED TO BE. O SILENT TOMB WORLD I FEEL NO REGRET ABOUT THE FACT YOU ARE NEARING YOUR END JUST LIKE ME"!