par Jack Daston

Class Act Comics

Graphique - English

156 Pages


Publié: 16 November 2022

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VOL 1 to 9

Class Act Comics presents DARK PHANTOM. After witnessing the death of his brother at a young age, Rob Lancaster devotes his life to wiping out crime in his home city of Newland, New York. However, he quickly finds that this task may be much less simple than he thought as he encounters dangerous supervillains, other vigilantes with a much different code of ethics than his own, and a police force who may not be as devoted to public safety as they may appear on the surface. Collects DARK PHANTOM #1 - #9. (NOTE: These comics were originally published for free on Webtoon, and remain available on that platform. However, purchasing on Kypsel grants you access to never before seen behind the scenes material and further supports us as artists).