par Jack Daston, Miki Ramirez, Hesley Jones

Class Act Comics

Graphique - English

126 Pages


Publié: 29 November 2022

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VOL 10-16

As Rob Lancaster continues his mission as the Dark Phantom, he finds himself face to face with a new threat: the Mercury Man, the man who killed his brother Dylan all those years ago. As the villain's evil threatens to tear Newland apart from within, can Dark Phantom overcome his rage in order to defeat this dangerous new enemy? And even if he can, will he ever be the same again? Collects DARK PHANTOM #10 - #16. (NOTE: These comics were originally published for free on Webtoon, and remain available on that platform. However, purchasing on Kypsel grants you access to never before seen behind the scenes material and further supports us as artists).