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Publié: 14 March 2022

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Chapter 1

🇺🇦❗️The author is a Ukrainian refugee. Buying this book you will help a lot to the author to survive in an expensive European world!❗️ This story is about the world of music... First, there was Silence. She lived in a silent empty world. And she felt lonely. Then she met the Initial Impulse and they became friends. They decided to create a world of harmony of sound and silence. Bit by bit, noises came out of the Void. Later, musical sounds began to appear. They formed the Kingdom of Music. Sounds and noises began to fight for supremacy in the world. For many years there was a war, but then King Polyphon concluded a peace treaty with the Village of Noises. Since then, the Kingdom of Music has been surrounded by a high insulating wall, and both kingdoms let out a sigh of relief. Noises did not interfere with the music, and the music did not interfere with Noises. But nevertheless, the hidden tension continued to grow... Hey! My name is White and I am from the White Noises clan. Today is the final graduation exam, where I will show what I learned at school, and then I will be officially employed at my job. Today the Village of Noises is really noisy. And my job is to maintain the balance and insulation of the wall that protects the Kingdom of Music from outside interference. 🇺🇦