par Jack Daston, Tristen Dunman

Class Act Comics

Graphique - English

135 Pages


Publié: 16 November 2022

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VOL 1-7

The far off Planet Segh is dying. The population is growing too fast, people are living too long, and food is becoming increasingly scarce. In order to combat this, King XOD plans to send his only son, Prince WGD, to Earth in order to conquer the world from within. But when he arrives, WGD learns that humanity might not be the monsters his father made them out to be. As he builds a new identity on Earth under the name Dennis Hopper, WGD struggles with the weight of his mission. What would you do with the fate of two worlds on your shoulders? Collects WONDER BOY #1 - #7. (NOTE: These comics were originally published for free on Webtoon, and remain available on that platform. However, purchasing on Kypsel grants you access to never before seen behind the scenes material and further supports us as artists).