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Hi people, I am a musician and producer on exploring the funkier side of all things EDM. I have been involved in music since I was a child. At the age of six I started playing the piano and at ten the percussion. I graduated from the Pilsen Conservatory and during my studies I started playing in the group Burma Jones. Since then I have gone through many projects and currently I play in the Děda Mládek Illegal Band. In 2004, I discovered the magic of dj-ing and turntablism. In 2015, I founded the electroswing project Mr.Elastik and started producing electronic beats and later entire tracks. In the spring of 2020 came a pandemic and a ban on public speaking and reunions. Creating EDM tracks was a clear choice - I constantly need to create and at the time of the lockdown it was the only way for me to express myself musically. And as the saying goes, all evil is good for something. After a year, the Mersi project is born, which is a big challenge for me. Not only by looking for new ways to create music, but also how to present new music today. My music is based on dance music, but also influenced by my long career as a "live" musician. Therefore, I also use harmonic techniques close to the song form and thus a strange mix of both worlds is created :) I like to weave jazz techniques and my own sound elements into my music. I work mostly in a home recording studio. At the beginning I usually consider what sound and what style of music I want the song to be. Then I start programming the beat and then create the bass line. And then I start layering in other musical instruments and ideas. It's like building a house. Every house has to stand on a solid foundation and only then can you start building the individual floors. I work in the Ableton Live DAW, which allows me to use clips to create different arrangements and forms (structures). After the song is finished, I send it to sound engineer and producer Roman Rai, who takes care of the mixing and mastering. I have played in many bands during my musical career. I have played gigs in small clubs as well as in big halls and festivals. Also as a DJ I played many parties in many clubs in the Czech Republic. Actually it doesn't matter where I play. What is important for me is the energy that is created between me and the audience. Social media like Facebook and Instagram allow me to communicate with my fans more easily, inform them about upcoming news and bring them closer to my daily life. I myself am on both platforms and I think this way of interacting with fans is very important for an independent artist.

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