About us



We provide you with a place where you can value your knowledge and passion for e-books, comics and music. We enable you to buy and resell at will what you like and are passionate about. You can easily publish your own work, or buy and resell other artist’s work. When you buy anyone’s work, you can become a reseller on your own social platforms.


How we do it

A very simple mechanism allows anyone who buys a book, song or comic to share natively through a unique link on social networks. If anyone clicks on your reseller’s link and buys, your account automatically gets credited by 40% of the price of the good for every sell. With us, you will have no hidden fees and a very transparent system helping you manage your own content store to really monetize on your passion points.


Why we do it

Today, no fair exchange for books, music or comics exists. For artists, it’s a lot more complicated to get their work out there and get properly remunerated.  We want to create a place where we can have exchanges between people who like music and people who make music, people who like reading and people who write, and finally people who draw comics and people who are passionate about comics. We want to free content from its boundaries while fighting piracy. We want to revolutionize the way people exchange the art they are passionate about while preserving the authenticity of all artistic creations.