How does it work?

If you’re a books, comics or music enthusiast, Kypsel is your platform to monetize your passion by recommending it to your friends. Any user, can simply upload his creation and any user can share a purchased item on Kypsel, and make 40% of the creator price for every successful referral. For us, users are either makers or curators for their passion in books, comics and music. Success on Kypsel is only based passion and meritocracy rather than on disproportionate marketing budgets. Click here for more https://kypsel.com/how-it-works

Why should I trust Kypsel?

We operate solely for the sake of transparency and meritocracy in the spread of work we all like. We want to create a fair system of exchange where value is shared between the authors and their fans. The mechanism itself distributes value equally with all stakeholders when it comes to great creations and talent. For more about us click here https://kypsel.com/about

Who can create and sell on Kypsel?

Anyone can be a creator, all it takes is the desire to create something unique and publish it. Everyone has an audience and fans around the world. The process is easy, you simply need to upload the work, artwork cover and preview to Kypsel.

Where can I upload my creation on Kypsel?

You can upload your eBook, comic or music in the artist’s corner https://kypsel.com/my-store/books

Do I need to have an artwork to my creation?

Custom designed artwork will help your work have more renown which might contribute to more success - and sell better. However if you do not have yet a custom design, you can use the templates provided to you by Kypsel on the upload page https://kypsel.com/my-store/books/create

Does Kypsel require exclusivity?

None, try and you will understand why.

What are the formats to upload my creation?

To make it easy on everyone, we stick to the most common and fluid formats, PDF for books as well as comics, and MP3 for music. For Artwork you can create using Kypsel templates or upload your own JPEG. To go to the Artist’s corner and upload click here https://kypsel.com/my-store/books/create

Which languages can I create and sell with?

You can create and sell in any language, however the current site navigation is english. We are working on implementing other languages soon.

Can I edit creations?

Once you publish your work, you can not edit its core. You will only be able to change preview artwork and category. And you will only be able to edit the description. We highly recommend that all edits remain consistent with your core work.

Can I edit the price of a creation?

No, you cannot edit the price of a creation after launch, to guarantee fairness for your fans who are helping you sell. You can always upload something new, prequels, sequels and new versions.

Can I sell an entire music album?

Songs will be tagged to albums but the selling and reselling of songs is done individually. This is important to make sure we protect the fairness of the exchange and allow more fluidity.

In which currency can I sell?

You can buy and sell in EURO and USD currencies. You can switch any time to view prices in your favorite currency.

What is the currency change ratio?

We match the current market exchange rate between EURO and USD. We round the price at the cent.

How revenues are divided and shared?

When a creator sells directly to his network and fans, he obtains 80% of the set price of the item.

When a user resells an item, he obtains 40% and the creator is credited with 40%.

Kypsel retains a fixed rate of 20% commission on any transaction whether a direct or indirect sales.

Why does the reseller get 40% on my creation?

Creators benefit from resellers with a snowball effect that can be exponential. Giving reselling rights to your fans increases their fervor, and rewards them fairly for liking and spreading your work. There is no artist without fans.

Who own the rights to my creation?

The rights to the creations only and exclusively belong to the creator. Kypsel do not require any exclusivity or rights to edit and publish the work. Kypsel is only a distribution platform. The reseller is the curator and does not own the rights to your creation. A reporting mechanism will protect the Kypsel community from spam, fraud, defamation and plagiarism.

Can I delete my work?

Deleting your work will work on a case by case basis. You can unpublish it yourself, but cannot stop people who already bought it, from selling it, unless the work is reported and judged harmful to the community. On a case by case basis, completely deleting your work may require you to compensate buyers.

Do I need to by a registered entity to sell or I can do it as an individual?

Kypsel prides itself on being a free and fair exchange of books, music and comics, a transaction between artist and fans. According to those principles any person can publish.

Do I have to be a pro?

Non, il s’agit de laisser libre cours à votre talent. Tout le monde à un public et une audience quelque part dans le monde. Nous considérons également que le terme « Pro » est souvent très relatif.

Who can buy and resell on Kypsel?

Anyone can purchase content, and, once an item is bought it can be resold at will by sharing a unique link generated by Kypsel. Once an item is bought, you can share the unique link on all your social platforms. Whenever your friends click on your link and buy through you, you will be credited with 40% of the item price (for each friend who buys.) (Note: The price is set by the creator of the item you're reselling). All you need is being passionate about someone’s work and wanting to share it.

How do I resell?

For every item you buy, you will get a unique link that you can share on all your social networks. Any friend who clicks on your link and buy, will credit you 40% of the item set price. You can share your unique link easily by using the social plugins associated to each item in your store. To go to your Store click here https://kypsel.com/manage-your-store

Where can I check my balance?

You can check your balance, and the amount of money you can claim, on your dashboard. To go to your dashboard, click here https://kypsel.com/manage-your-store

How do I claim my money?

On your dashboard, simply click on the “claim money” button and then select your means of transfer. We highly recommend using a Paypal account for faster and cheaper withdrawal. We also give you the possibility to withdraw through a bank transfer, but you should be aware that you may incur bank transfer fees that are beyond our control. To go to your dashboard, click here https://kypsel.com/manage-your-store

When can I claim my money?

You may claim your money anytime, however for traditional bank transfer withdrawal, we recommend waiting to accumulate a consequent amount on your balance, as most banks charge significant fixed fees independent from the amount.

Where will I receive my claimed money?

You will receive your claimed money directly in your Paypal account or your specified bank account.

How long does it take to receive claimed money?

We usually process any claim within 48h of your request. Paypal transfers should be almost instantaneous, however traditional bank transfer might take longer, depending on your bank and location.

Why do I need to upload my ID document for bank transfers?

For security reasons and to make sure we protect you from fraud, we require proof of identity before processing a transfer.

Why list price is exclusive of VAT/sales tax?

As per current regulations, the applied VAT/sales tax on digital goods vary and depend on the location of the buyers. To be fair to the author’s set price and protect the reseller’s VAT/sales, tax is simply added at the check-out depending on your location.

How do I get people buy what I share?

The more you show passion and enthusiasm the more people will want to buy your referrals. Being a good and consistent curator and opinion leader will help you tremendously. A good description when you share an item will go a long way. Marketing strategies and blogs are welcome and even recommended.

Who can resell?

Anyone who buys an item on Kypsel can resell it, and there are no limits to the number of friends you can resell to on social networks.

On which channels can I resell?

You can resell on all channels, and you will get a unique link per item that you can share everywhere. Any person that clicks on your link, and buys the item will credit you 40% of the set price of the item.

Can I resell as much as I want?

Yes you can. It is a virtual good and you are rewarded for every converted referral.

Would I get a commission if someone I sold a good to, resells it?

No. This is not a pyramid scheme. You are only rewarded for the people you refer directly. Only the creator gets his royalties for every transaction.

Can the seller be a publisher or a record label?

Yes we also welcome publisher and record label as long as they own the rights to the work they upload.

How can I promote my work?

However you want. Any social media strategy that doesn’t rely on fraudulent means can be beneficial for you. The core and key is to let your work speak for itself and is spread by your fans. Your work will automatically be promoted if people like it.

Why does the final price vary depending on the country of the buyer?

Following current regulations for digital goods, we are required to apply the VAT/sales tax rate depending on the location of the buyer.

How can I protect myself of plagiarism?

It is recommended to use a Digital Right Management (DRM) software which will prevent unauthorized redistribution of your digital eBooks and also from copying the content of your book. Various types of DRM exist on the market. It is almost impossible to protect your work completely from plagiarism but taking some precaution will deter malicious behavior. You are invited to use our reporting tool to report any suspicious item.

How does the reporting mechanism work?

As soon as an item is reported, our team will investigate it. If the work is deemed or judged to be a violation of intellectual property, or violate Kypsel rules, it will be deleted. To go to the Terms and conditions click here https://kypsel.com/terms-and-conditions

Can Kypsel suspend or remove my work?

Yes if it violates Kypsel’s terms of use. To go to the Terms and conditions click here https://kypsel.com/terms-and-conditions

How can I pay for my purchase?

You can pay your purchase either using your Paypal account or your credit/debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I pay to Kypsel for more visibility and generate more sales?

No. We are purely meritocratic. The works that are most shared will get the most visibility.