The Legend of Tahina-Can: Chapter 1. Star Light

by KriAna


Fantasy - English


Published: 14 March 2022

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Chapter 1

Dear reader, if you have opened this book, then you are a big fan of the fantasy genre. This novel was written in the summer of 2021 in Kyiv and is based on a South American legend. An ancient legend in the Amazon rainforest says that in the twilight of the starry sky, Tahina-Kan, the "big star", descended from the sky to teach the people of Karaj how to plant corn, pineapple, cassava, and many other crops that they did not know. Thus, the "big star" or "evening star" led this Amazonian tribe to a more prosperous future. Based on this idea, I created a whole fictional world based on the folklore of the Incas and Mayans. I hope you enjoy it! ☝️ This is the chapter 1 of the novel. To be continued. ✌️Coming soon. Synopsis: A long time ago, in the Amazon jungle, in the Waterfall Valley, the Phakchai tribe lived. Its inhabitants were cheerful people, they did not fight with neighboring peoples. Their main activity was collecting the gifts of nature and hunting wild animals. The Phakchai tribe had a large pantheon of gods. They worshiped the spirits of nature, Earth and Heaven. The supreme leader Inti Waman was a shaman and knew many of the spirit-allies. They entered into a contract according to which the spirits helped the inhabitants of the tribe cope with difficulties, and in return received generous agricultural offerings and holidays in their honor. However, the daughter of the leader Kuichi could not find any worthy ally. She was engaged in weather forecasting. Every evening, climbing a high rock, she looked at the bright Star that appeared at sunset and thought what it was like to live in the heavens. No one understood her and her father advised her to find a reliable ally. So the tribe lived in peace for many years. But one day everything changed. The spirits betrayed the tribe. What could have happened? The daughter of the leader Kuichi decided to find out what was happening and turned to the familiar spirit, the lake master. Is she capable to prevented the coming chaos?