by Mersi

Marcel Marek

Electronic - English

04m:07s (62.52 MB)


Published: 14 November 2021

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Mersi releases his fourth single titled „Merci…“ After more than a month, Mersi is making his presence known again. The new single is titled Merci… and is a bit of a trip into his inner self. After the previous, a bit nervous single State Of Mind, it's time to relax. Everyone can imagine something different by that term. For Mersi, it's not only a mental escape from reality to places where he is or has been comfortable - memories of a year's travels in Latin America, sun-drenched beaches, but also maybe a sunset party. The track differs again from previous ones. This time, Mersi has chosen a musical style called chill out and is dominated by a trombone theme, vocal sample and leads melody. "It's also a bit of a look back to the carefree nineties, which is reflected in the overall "retro" sound. And it makes you realise how quickly time passes and experiences dissolve into irreversibility. Only memories remain," adds Mersi.